You child can find and follow their dancing dreams with the excellent children’s ballet provision with us. Our qualified, experienced teachers will inspire and nurture their talent and enthusiasm from their early years all the way to pre-vocational stage. Our youngest dancers begin with pre-ballet in our First Steps and Pre-school classes where they have a chance to find their feet, build their abilities and confidence and revel in the movement of their bodies with music. Once ready they progress to our ballet training classes.

Primary Ballet and Standard One

Once ready, our rising 5 year olds join our Primary Ballet Class.

This is a structured 45 minute session, in which we introduce the Cecchetti Primary syllabus and we build upon the all the imaginative and improvisational exercises that the children have grown to love in their pre-school classes.  Primary children really progress through their basic skills and grow in confidence so that they are always excited to work towards their first ballet exam. They also love taking part in our annual shows. Once they have achieved their Primary level, the children progress to Standard 1 Ballet, which is an introduction to the Grade system. Standard 1 is a lovely syllabus which really establishes basic ballet technique while embedding the fun and joy of dancing with lots of jumping steps which zoom around the studio and a lovely focus on musicality and improvisation.

Children’s Ballet Grades

At age 6 or 7, children progress to more formal syllabus classes where we work with them to develop technique, strength, flexibility and performing skills.  From age 7 (and once they have achieved the appropriate standard) children are encouraged and supported to enter ISTD Cecchetti Classical Ballet Grade (individual) or Standard (whole class) examinations and they are encouraged to take part in all our performance opportunities.

Ballet training needs to be excellent as the demands on young dancers bodies require a strong foundation of strength and skills – which can only be achieved with a structured, safe training system. There are several systems used for the training of dancers, the main ones are affiliated with professional examination boards.  Importantly, these syllabi can only be taught by trained, professional teachers who have a thorough understanding of safe dance practice with regard to the physical and emotional development of children.

Image showing young dancers mid tendu at the barre

We teach Cecchetti Classical Ballet, under the leading professional examination board, the ISTD (The Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance) and based directly on the world renowned Cecchetti Method.  With a very clearly defined structure the method uses incremental progression to deliver fully rounded classical training within sound, safe dance practice.

Image showing a class of young dancers mid pirouette

Our grade level children supplement their training with strength and conditioning classes based on PBT (Progressing Ballet technique).

Dancers training for a career can continue with us to study the ISTD Cecchetti Ballet vocational grades: Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate. Our students gaining their Intermediate exam will be ready to enter full time pre-professional training where they can continue with Advanced 1 & 2 examinations.

  • School Aged Child and Teen Classes Syllabus training and performance opportunities