We have two classes for our pre-schoolers:

First Steps Ballet

Children start with us in First Steps Ballet from as young as 2 ½ in our a parent-and-child session which is designed to develop motor skills and confidence.

Weaving initial ballet positions, movements and skills into games and imaginative sequences the class uses nursery rhymes and poetry as inspiration.

We know that children of this age need repetition, fun, creativity and support so our classes follow a regular structure to encourage confidence and we tweak our magical worlds each week with a change in theme – one week we may be at the circus, another we may be on a bear hunt!

Our First Steps Ballet class is a joyful half-hour of fun when parents can really enjoy music and dancing with their young walkers and we love seeing them get involved and making new friendships just as we love to see our tiny dancers blooming with joy!

Pre-Primary Ballet

Pre-primary ballet is for pre-school children aged between 3 and 5 who are confident to dance with us independently from mum and dad in this half hour class.

Pre-primary ballet really starts the children’s journey into ballet, still through imaginative movement with storytelling and games. But building exercises to develop co-ordination and begin to establish fundamental techniques like jumping, hopping, skipping and marching. Rhythm and musicality naturally grow as our little dancers enjoy their classes.

Props and toys make this class fun and some of the favourite staples of our pre-ballet class include the witches cauldron, the marching band, sleeping bunnies and magical ponds. We love to see our pre-primary ballet children rapidly developing their confidence, coordination and social skills.

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