Fairytales Together Ballet

Parent and child class for 3-4yrs

Fairytales Together Ballet is a lovely class for parents, carers or grandparents to enjoy with their little dancers. It introduces very basic concepts of ballet to little ones, all with the safety of mum or dad or another caregiver at their side. At this young age, children’s brains and bodies are growing and making connections all the time and they learn so much as they watch and listen and do!

We know that children of this age need repetition, fun, creativity and support so our classes follow a regular structure as we immerse ourselves in the magical world of make-believe! We weave initial ballet movements and skills with imagination and make-believe, each month we base our classes on a new fairytale. Sometimes children join in with everything, sometimes they might feel just like watching – all the same, they watch, do and learn, gaining confidence and developing new skills.

Fairytales Together Ballet is a joyful hour of fun, we love seeing adults and children getting involved and making new friends just as we love to see our tiny dancers blooming with joy!

Classes run on a monthly basis and cost just £20 for 4 weeks of classes. Book using our online form.

My Own Fairytale Ballet

Class for 4-5 years olds who are confident to leave Mum and Dad at the door

My Own Fairytale Ballet really starts the children’s journey into ballet. Imaginative worlds inspire our movement, storytelling and games. We build or exercises to develop co-ordination and begin to establish fundamental techniques like jumping, hopping, skipping and marching. Rhythm and musicality naturally grow as our little dancers enjoy their classes.

Props and toys make these classes extra fun and we love to see our children rapidly developing their confidence, coordination and social skills.

Classes run on a monthly basis and cost just £20 for 4 weeks of classes. Book using our online form.

Another option for 5-6 year olds? Primary Ballet class on Saturday mornings

  • Pre-School Classes for our youngest pupils