Adult Ballet

Our adult dancers range all the way from 18-80 and each can take the class at their own level with the support and encouragement of our professional teachers.

It is never too late to try out ballet – don’t be intimidated! Our adult classes are open to all whether you are completely new to ballet, have danced as a child and haven’t for years, or maybe you’re a more experienced dancer. The focus is on stretch, strengthening and toning, and of course, fun!

Classes start with a warm-up and follow with traditional barre work (to work the core, abs, glutes, arms and feet), port de bras (arm exercises), adage (slow exercises to improve balance posture and core strength) and finally move on to some simple allegro (faster movement and jumping steps) which will get your heart rates going. We finish with a relaxing, cool-down stretching exercise.

We hold several adult classes a week.  We also offer bespoke sessions (by appointment) only which can be for private or small group classes for absolute beginners, people returning to movement and exercise, or for private coaching sessions for more advanced dancers.  

  • Adult Ballet from beginners to advanced