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We know It’s a worrying time and that everyone is feeling apprehensive about joining group activities at the moment. We’re concerned too and so we’re working hard to make our classes as healthy and happy as possible.

We are following Government Guidance for precautions against the spread of Coronavirus by:.
  • Limiting class sizes to ensure spacing – all child classes have a max of 6 participants and we ensure physical spacing throughout classes.
  • Enhancing cleaning and hand-washing – we ask everyone to sanitise their hands as we enter the venues and each studio is cleaned and aired between each class.
  • Making sure the studios are as ventilated as possible by opening doors and windows at the YMCA.
  • Making sure we keep an eye on breathing rates and include lots of rest breaks
  • Changing the way the class is taught so that the teachers and participants stay physically distanced. There may be less travelling and jumping steps for a while than in our usual classes.
  • Asking participants to arrive with just one adult, no more than 5 minutes before class, to come dressed for class and to bring a plastic filled water bottle.
  • Asking our participants to follow any marked routes through our venues, remembering to physically distance from others and to wear a mask when walking through communal areas (we don’t wear masks whilst exercising, although you may choose to).
  • Asking parents not to gather or wait outside the studios, although there is space for parents of younger children to wait.
  • Taking part in Track and Trace – we ask for registration forms and take careful registers of all classes (we need your permission to hold and share your data).

Of course, we ask that anyone who is unwell, has symptoms of Covid-19 or has been told to isolate does not attend our classes.