Uniform for Classes


Why have a uniform?

Class uniform is not just about looking smart. We teach the discipline of ballet and firmly believe that a school uniform not only sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect, but that it also helps to create a sense of belonging, pride and unity.  Our students are not distracted by frills or flounces, wings or leg warmers, or by who has the latest, best leotard!  Most importantly, our teachers must be able to see the alignment and positioning from head to toe in order to make proper corrections when needed.

Penzance Ballet school class

Uniform Requirements:

Please find class uniform requirements and order form here: Class Uniforms & Order Form

  • Uniform for children in the pre-school classes is optional – they need only wear something easy to move in and may wear ballet shoes or dance in bare feet.
  • All other children, from Primary upwards, are required to wear the class uniform, which should be purchased from the school (to ensure the correct colour) by completing an order form and returning it to the class teacher. We sometimes have good quality second hand uniform available – please talk to your teacher. 
  • Adults and non syllabus students may wear any comfortable close fitting exercise/yoga style clothing.
  • Please do not purchase a uniform until your child has settled into their class.
  • White crossover cardigans should be worn as warm up clothes.
  • Penzance Ballet School T-shirts & hoodies are optional extras for all grades.
  • In order that the student may move freely, and for the teacher to observe accurately, all clothing (including shoes) should fit snugly. Please do not purchase items with room for growth – all dance clothing and leather shoes will stretch to fit. Split-soled ballet shoes are not permitted.

Please note that we are mindful of the cost to parents.  We aim to ensure that our uniform is affordable; that new leotards are not required more than is reasonable with a growing child; and wherever possible we build show costumes around uniform to reduce the cost of performances and events.