Pre-School and Reception Ballet at PzBS


Pre-school ballet at Penzance Ballet SchoolFirst Steps Ballet

Our First Steps Ballet class is a half-hour fun and inclusive session for parents to enjoy movement, music and dance with their young walkers.  The session weaves ballet position, movement and basic skills through fun games and imaginative sequences. Children can start with us in First Steps Ballet from 2.5 years and the focus is on developing the children’s motor skills and confidence.  Children of this age need repetition so we follow a regular structure each week with little differences in our make believe worlds. They also need fun, creativity and support and so we expect parents to join – this can involve sitting on the floor and standing for some arm and leg exercises and some running/skipping/jumping. Children and parents should wear comfy leggings or trousers that are easy to move in with socks or bare feet.

Pre-Primary Ballet

We introduce young children to ballet in our Pre-Primary Class through imaginative movement, storytelling and music.  With games and carefully led imaginative sequences, we develop basic techniques such as jumping, hopping, skipping and marching to begin to establish coordination, posture and musicality.  We introduce the children to the basic positions of the feet and arms and we learn the important fundamentals – good toes and naughty toes; ballerina backs and frumpy grumpy backs!  We sing nursery rhymes and songs and use movements with these tunes to introduce coordinated use of the heads, hands and arms, and we use simple movements to develop strength in the legs and feet ready for ballet steps. Using props and toys, some of the favourite staples of our pre-ballet class are the marching band, sleeping bunnies and magical ponds.

We encourage and support our children to tell stories through movement and dance – a teddy bears picnic, a princess captured by a wicked witch, flying a kite by the sea or picking flowers in the park. Our pre-primary ballet children rapidly develop confidence, coordination and social skills as a result of this experience of music and movement, and of interacting with other children in a safe supportive environment has.

Pre-primary ballet is for pre-school children aged between 3 and 5 who are happy to be left with us in the dance studio for the duration of the half hour class.

Primary Ballet

Once ready, our rising 5 year olds join our Primary ballet class.  This is a more structured 45 minute ballet class, which teaches the Cecchetti Primary syllabus but also retains imaginative and improvisational sequences to develop artistry in our young dancers.  Primary children are able to work towards their first ballet exam – the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Primary Class Examination.

 ballet children primary dance

I would like my child to join a class at Penzance Ballet School – what do I do now?

Take a look at our our Timetable.  Then contact us to book a place for your child.  If the class is full, we will add you to our waiting list and contact you when a place becomes available.