Adult Ballet at PzBS


Adult balletIt is never too late to try out ballet – don’t be intimidated! Our adult classes welcome those who are completely new to ballet, those who danced as children and haven’t for years, along with more seasoned dancers. Our adult dancers range all the way from 18-80 and each can take the class at their own level with the support and encouragement of our professional teachers. The focus is on stretch, strengthening and toning, and, of course, fun!

Classes start with a warm-up and follow with traditional barre work (to work the core, abs, glutes, arms and feet), port de bras (arm exercises), adage (slow exercises to improve balance posture and core strength) and finally move on to some simple allegro (faster, jumping steps) to get heart rates up. We finish with a relaxing, cool-down stretching exercise.

We hold three adult classes a week which are run on an easy turn up and join in basis.  We also offer a Thursday session by appointment only which can be for private or small group classes for absolute beginners, people returning to movement and exercise, or for private coaching sessions for more advanced dancers.  Please find details of charges and class times Please find details of charges and class times here.

Take a look at our Advice for New Starters and feel free to contact us to discuss which class may be best for your requirements.

We ask you to please sign and bring along a Registration Form to your first class.

The dress code?
Soft ballet shoes are best but socks or bare feet for the first lesson would be fine. Leggings and a close fitting t-shirt (yoga gear) are suitable, as are leotard and tights.