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An art form created by the movement of the human body with its roots in the spectacles of Renaissance Italy, ballet has evolved over the centuries to became hugely popular worldwide.   Excitingly, ballet continues to thrive and evolve to provide new challenge and delight for dancers and audiences alike, uniting strict dance technique with great theatrical works to make performances which are a feast for the eyes and soul.

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Why learn ballet with Penzance Ballet School?

Accepted as the foundation for all dance technique, ballet training at any age promotes physical health (improved strength, flexibility, agility, concentration, musicality). At Penzance Ballet School, we know that the right kind of ballet training also helps support and develop children’s mental and emotional health: happy, supportive classes with opportunities to perform and take exams all help our young children develop socially, build confidence and self esteem, forge new friendships, and make wonderful lifelong memories. 


At Penzance Ballet School, our youngest students learn with us once a week, progressing to twice weekly classes or more as they progress with us.  Each year, they have the opportunity to enter exams and perform with us.

We know that the right kind of ballet training exposes students to a diversity of experiences to enrich their learning and we are passionately committed to providing a great range of opportunities whenever we can – from trips to watch professional performances, backstage tours, workshops and educational resources – see our opportunities page for more information.

We teach the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet, a clearly defined structure of safe dance practice, supported by the body conditioning and training program Progressing Ballet Technique.  We love to teach students who want to dance purely for recreation as well as those who are aiming for a career in dance – we work to provide training that will reap great rewards in any future lifetime goals.

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